Waterproofing system design can be tricky. Jerzyniak Co. guides you through the design process in accordance with professional standards.


We specialize in waterproofing system design review, process coordination, oversight and compliance review, and offer technical advice at all stages of project completion. We maintain high professional standards and are driven by client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable and reliable advice that will best serve our clients and we always ensure compliance with professional standards.

We offer a variety of waterproofing consulting services including:

  • Strategic waterproofing advice
  • Site-specific solutions and drawings
  • Remediation assessment, system correction and investigation services
  • Project coordination and strategy
  • Training sessions
  • Small leak repair jobs
  • Small scale membrane installations

Speaking Engagements and webinars.

Jakub likes to talk about all things waterproofing. Let me know if there is something you would like talk about that can be useful and help the waterproofing industry, and we can organize a webinar or an event. I like to talk about: Green Roof Waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing and BS8102.

Detail Drawings Development

Jakub prepares high quality waterporoofing detail drawings and waterproofing details markups. Jakub developed drawings for following companies: Bayset, RTAS, Waterproofing Integrity, Construct Waterproofing.

Training sessions

We offer customized and flexible training sessions on the installation of waterproofing membranes that follow best practice standards.